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Freelance Consulting From Scratch in a New City with Twila Grissom [Podcast Interview]

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Perhaps the hardest part to freelance consulting is getting started, and perhaps the greatest difficult from the get-go is overcoming the fear of failure. Listen to the podcast here!

After dissatisfaction with her job in Los Angeles, Twila Grissom drove to New York City, sold her car, and started offering her freelance marketing services to various companies. Twila has now worked with a number of different clients and her success continues to grow every day.

Twila is the founder of Acorn Digital Strategy and one of the mentors of the SkilledUp Academy, helping lifelong learners develop their content marketing skills as they work their way through course materials and build their own projects.

In this episode, Twila discusses:

  • Her own professional journey dropping everything to drive cross-country
  • The struggles and successes started as a freelancer living in New York
  • The first things you should do when taking on a new client as a freelancer
  • Why you should be selective about who you choose to work with.
  • The importance of keeping up to date with industry news

Action Item

Dedicate one hour sometime today, and ideally every day thereafter, on focusing on the advances in your industry. See how you can apply those advances to what you are already working on and already good at.